Y Janina Kurp Artwork

About Y Janina

Janina Kurp is originally a painter who changed focus to the metal arts. She studied at the University of Design and Crafts, in her hometown Göteborg, Sweden. Janina has studied painting, sculpture and graphic arts in two different art schools for four years. She later went back to the University in Göteborg and studied metal art for six years , where she also obtained her Master of Fine arts. She is born in Gothenburg, Sweden to a Polish father and Swedish mother.

Ms. Kurp developed the traditional jewelry art later to a completely free, creative form with different metal threads. The forms have grown into a kind of organic cell division. These cells become a nest of glass pearls for a bird of fantasy, or a soft pillow to the tired head. Elegant and casual the metal threads reach out to each together, to the observer and also to another world. The jewelry is still there as a part of her creative life, but unexpected forms

Janina finds her inspirations in nature and also in ancient jewelry from the Celts and the Egyptians. Lately her inspiration has taken her to the bottom of the oceans, the very deep parts. Where life finds its way through strange shapes and colours.